WA U.S. Senator blocks "born alive" bill after VA controversy

Patty Murray AP30.jpg
U.S Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) in this 2018 file photo, was the only standing Senator to vote against unanimous consent on a Republican backed bill intended to protect babies born alive from abortion after a proposed law in Virginia last week was criticized by political conservatives as 'infanticide'. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

Washington senior Senator Patty Murray blocked unanimous consent on a "born alive" bill aimed at addressing the recent controversy in Virginia regarding abortion up until the time of birth, according to various reports. Murray was Democratic Senator who spoke on the Senate Floor objecting to the legislation proposed by Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska).

According to, Murray delivered the following comments in a floor speech, "We have laws against infanticide in this country. This is a gross misinterpretation of the actual language of the bill that is being asked to be considered and therefore, I object." Her objection on behalf of Senate Democrats blocks Sasse's attempt to expand the 2002 Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which states “every infant member of the species homo sapiens who is born alive at any stage of development” is a “person” for all federal law purposes.

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