Washington AG's investigation of Value Village prompts lawsuit

Value Village KOMO35851575.jpg
The parent company of Value Village is suing the Washington Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, in what two KVI talk show hosts say is a legal response to a{ } financial shakedown. (photo: KOMO News). Value Village in Edmonds, WA

A three year legal odyssey by Washington Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, has now prompted a lawsuit by the intended target, Value Village.

Ferguson and the AG's office investigated Bellevue, WA based Value Village for three years, then demanded a settlement to resolve the investigation over whether or not Value Village did enough to clarify to customers and donors that they are a for-profit business.

The Associated Press reports that Value Village's legal team says Ferguson's demand for financial settlement by Value Village does not appear to be related to any alleged legal violations.

KVI's Kirby Wilbur says, "Bob Ferguson, I guess, has been too busy suing Donald Trump to pay attention to other things, because according to Value Village...(they) gave them (the AG) 15,000 documents and we (Value Village) sought to meet with them to see if there were any remaining concerns to be addressed by Value Village . "

According to the AP story, the Washington AG's office didn't meet with Value Village for a year-and-a-half. When the sides did confer in summer 2016, the attorney general's office issued a set of demands - the vast majority of which the company said it already complied with.

"Translation: it's a shakedown," responded KVI host John Carlson. "It is a shakedown," added Wilbur.

Wilbur concluded "and now the man who has taken great pride in suing President Trump--19 times--and he's not winning, he's losing the (Trump) lawsuits so far, is now being sued by a private company (Value Village) that was being shaken down for money by the A.G.'s office. And I hope they're (Value Village) successful beyond belief."

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