Who hates Amazon more: Trump or Sawant?

Sawant tax Amazon forum sideline look KVI PIXLR.jpg
Seattle City Councilwoman, Kshama Sawant (r), looks to the stage as a speaker talks at the forum that was dubbed a "Tax Amazon" town hall on Tuesday March 27, 2018. (photo: KVI staff).{ }

Some random thoughts from the last 24 hours of news in Seattle...

Seattle City Councilwoman, Kshama Sawant, and her acolytes in Marxist political activism have been community organizing as hard as they can to pass a $150 million 'employee head tax' to raise more money for affordable housing and homeless programs.

Last night in Seattle, Sawant and her supporters held a "Tax Amazon" forum to bolster support for the $150 million tax.

At the forum there were signs reading "Tax Bezos", "Unionize Amazon" and "Tax Trump's Rich Friends".

Wait, I thought the $150 million 'employee head tax' was supposed to be about affordable housing and helping the homeless? Why the mixed messages, Councilwoman?Seattle already has a property tax levy that address both of these issues.

Which leads me to believe, by virtue of Sawant's proud signs, her actions and her rhetoric, that this is more about penalizing Amazon than anything related to the perceived altruistic, government-run effort to help the homeless or create affordable housing.

That's why the sign "Tax Trump's Rich Friends" at a forum titled "Tax Amazon" is so unintentionally funny. Sawant and her ilk seem happy to stereotype anyone connected with Amazon to Trump in an effort to marshal as much animosity toward Amazon as possible. You've got to demonize people to win politically.

But this morning, just a few hours after the hearing the posts this story about how Trump doesn't like Amazon or its founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

Which brings me to the question of who hates Amazon more? Maybe for all of Kshama Sawant's condemnation of Trump she's more like him than she realizes.

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