Wilbur's Words: The answer to Seattle's homeless problem isn't more money

The reaction of the Mayor of Seattle and the City Council to the shootings of five people at the Jungle homeless encampment is entirely predictable. Two people are dead and three are in the hospital after what is being reported as a drug deal gone bad. And the answer is, according to the leadership of Seattle, MORE MONEY.

And that is always the answer of the Left. Never mind that they have allowed an illegal homeless encampment to grow beyond any manageable scope. Never mind that they have allowed conditions of poor sanitation and health that would have closed any business in the city to prevail there. Never mind that they have ignored pleas from residents and business owners to do something about the rampant drug use and criminal activity. Never mind that they have failed to prioritize city spending and reorient city policies to deal with these issues before they got out of control. Now, that blood has spilled and the public is paying attention, the answer is state and federal money. And a complete disavowal of any responsibility on their part for allowing a part of our beautiful city to be commonly referred to as the jungle.

I would say shame on them, but they know no shame. Shame on us for accepting such poor excuses for leadership.

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