"And Another Thing..." John Carlson podcast Aug 10, 2018

New Mexico compound desert sign AP875.jpg
This Aug. 5, 2018 photo shows a "no trespassing" sign outside the location where people camped near Amalia, N.M. Three women believed to be the mothers of 11 children found hungry and living in a filthy makeshift compound in rural northern New Mexico have been arrested, following the weekend arrests of two men, authorities said Monday, Aug. 6. (Jesse Moya/The Taos News via AP)

Let's start with a listener e-mail skeptical about Trump's tax cuts, company's buying back their stock, building wealth as a company employee, creating incentives for positive economic behavior, New Mexico men arrested over investigation of training kids to be school shooter's at a squalid (and illegally trespassing) trailer home, the religious component involved in this disturbing New Mexico case.

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