"And Another Thing..." John Carlson Podcast July 10, 2018

Travis Pastrana KVI 594 PIXLR.jpg
The world's foremost daredevil and action sports rider, Travis Pastrana, middle, at the KVI studios with John Carlson (left) and Kirby Wilbur (right) in September 2017. Pastrana just made history in Las Vegas, NV recreating the most famous jumps performed by daredevil pioneer Robert "Evel" Knievel in the 1970s. (photo: KVI Staff).{ }

A disappearing constituency for Democrats as we approach the 4-month countdown to 2018 mid-term elections, the jury is still out on North Korea, how the Brett Kavanaugh/Supreme Court nomination makes it tougher on Senate Democrats running for re-election this November, millennial voters appear to be souring on voting Democrat, the Democratic party's intolerance of men is part of the problem for losing 8% of these voters, Travis Pastrana emulates daredevil pioneer Evel Knievel and recreates his three big stunt jumps at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas...on an Indian motorcycle!

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