"And Another Thing..." podcast Jan29, 2019

American flag KOMO or AP.jpg
KVI's John Carlson explores a new story about an academic trying to undermine the Pledge of Allegiance. (photo: KOMO News){ }

A CA community college president wants to ditch the pledge of allegiance but shows only historic illiteracy for the attempted stance on the establishment of religion, liberals should like the Pledge of Allegiance because its a pledge to government (the Republic) as much as anything else (and they always seem to like more government), new poll from the 35 day partial federal government shutdown tracks relative popularity of Trump vs. Pelosi/Democrats, 56% of Democrats are undecided on a nominee for 2020 (and Joe Biden is the leading candidate with 9%), how is Trump getting 4% in this poll of Democrats??, new FBI crime stats show the 5 safest and least safe cities in WA.

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