"And Another Thing..." podcast Nov7, 2018

KVI's John Carlson pursues a podcasting first: he provides instantaneous reaction to live coverage of Pres. Trump's press conference this morning talking about last night's Congressional mid-term election results. (photo: AP)

In a podcasting first, KVI's John Carlson records a live commentary to this morning's President Donald Trump press conference reacting to the results of last night's Congressional mid-term. Some of the highlights include: several victories by Republican women including the Kavanaugh impact on the election, Trump lists some Republican candidates who lost and didn't embrace his presidency, Trump hopes to work with House Democrats and soon-to-be Speaker Pelosi, Trump's olive branch to Pelosi will cause problems for anti-Pelosi Democrats, Trump addresses the potential for House Democrats investigating him, Trump believes some Republican Senators should cross over to pass what House Democrats approve on a bi-partisan basis (health care/infrastructure).

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