CarlsonCast April 12--7am hour

ST3 Steep Taxes sign.png
KVI's John Carlson interviews a State Senator about a deceptive plan to increase the Business & Occupation (B&O) tax by majority Democrats in the Washington Legislative session. (photo: KVI Staff)

7am hour -- Republican State Senator says Democrats are using deceptive language to pass a sizeable B&O tax hike, she says this tax hike scheme shows that majority Democrats in Legislature are more focused on grabbing tax money rather than achieving solutions for the state's toughest political issues, Spokane schools may layoff 8% of its teachers and staff after authorizing 13% pay raises to teachers last year, deep irony over WaPo story about Trump wanting to send detained illegal aliens to various sanctuary cities like Seattle,

GUEST: economist Steve Moore talks about the personal attacks he's receiving over his nomination to the Federal Reserve board, GUEST: Sharyl Attkisson talks about veteran TV journalist Lara Logan joining her reporting ranks with Sinclair TV stations and her upcoming reporting on significant issues at the US/Mexico border.

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