CarlsonCast April1--6am hour

KVI's John Carlson reviews new background about the 33-year-old Seattle man charged with shooting four and killing two in a car-jacking rampage in the Matthews Beach neighborhood near Lake City. Pictured here is the crime scene of police cars surrounding the car-jacked Prius that was smashed into an on-coming car, killing the driver, on Sandpoint Way NE.{ } (photo: KOMO/KIMA News)

6am hour -- April Fool's Day co-incidence with Congresswoman AOC, Mariner's off to a spectacular start, a Seattle church brags about providing sanctuary to a man facing deportation, Rolling Stones band member is ailing and cancels current tour including Seattle show.

Seattle Times columnist gets real about KOMO News special report "Seattle Is Dying", more background to the NE Seattle man now charged with murdering two and shooting 4 in car-jacking rampage last week, is another 2020 Presidential campaign connected to new #MeToo accusation against former VP Joe Biden...?

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