CarlsonCast April1--7am hour

Seattle Is Dying KOMO graphic n.jpg
KOMO's Matt Markovich and KVI's John Carlson sit down to talk about some of the latest reaction and/or criticism to the news special "Seattle Is Dying" plus what to expect from a new no drugging and no drinking homeless shelter opening up at an unused wing of the King County jail in Seattle. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- Spokane's now asking the same thing about "Seattle Is Dying" news special, GUEST: KOMO's Matt Markovich previews opening of new "enhanced" homeless shelter at unused wing of King County jail, the question arises about how many homeless people will actually go to this new County-run jail (based on voluntary use), AOC gets some revenge on Fox News,

Fox News Sunday host twice has to correct Democratic Congressman trying to spin Mueller report, ex-Congressman Trey Gowdy lends some perspective on the Adam Schiff (chairmanship) controversy, Sharyl Attkisson's exceptional analysis of how so many "news" media outlets got the Mueller investigation coverage wrong for so long,

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