CarlsonCast April10--7am hour

Gov. Jay Inslee takes his low-profile presidential campaign to NYC and other locations for one week to raise his profile. KVI's John Carlson notes the obstacles for Inslee's one-week plan.{ } { }(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

7am hour -- off to NYC today for Gov. Inslee trying to elevate his Presidential campaign, if Inslee wants higher profile for his campaign we know a better way than CNN/MSNBC/CBS interviews, how the media invent narratives by ignoring simply realities, first images of a black hole are published after 3 years of planning, CNN's national security analyst gives a patently political answer for why Pres. Obama also separated families at the border,

anti-Trump local Republican, Chris Vance, continues his desperate slide to the left; the problem connected with Seattle Times's decision to delete comment threads from all their stories/editorials as of April 17th.

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