CarlsonCast April10--8am hour

Renton Bible Church members are volunteering their time to build a new sanctuary. KVI's John Carlson covers the agonizing theft of construction power tools that were just stolen from the church's construction trailer and what this means for continuing the church's construction project. (photo: Renton Bible Church)

8am hour -- KVI invites to you a party celebrating John Carlson's start on-air 25 years ago next month, GUEST: Renton Bible Church Pastor, Dan Gannon, talks about the heartbreaking theft of construction tools the congregation was using to build a new sanctuary, church members are volunteering to build a new sanctuary, if you can help in the wake of the theft at the church, donations are being taken at; the latest column about the crackdown on tobacco smoking in WA while there's no crackdown on heroin in sight, a KVI caller points out the political battle over gun control laws is exponentially greater than clamping deterring heroin addiction in Seattle.

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