CarlsonCast April11--6am hour

Jay Inslee CNN town hall forum 6Q.jpg
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee speaks at a 2020 presidential candidate forum on CNN on Wednesday April 10, 2019. (photo: CNN Screen grab).{ }

6am hour -- the record tying Mariners continue to surge, US A.G. Bill Barr stirs the pot with his cryptic comment about the Trump campaign being spied on by federal authorities, GUEST: ABC's Tom Rivers updates the arrest of Julian Assange in a London embassy, why this could bring Assange to the U.S. to face charges over the publication of military intelligence from Iraq War operations, Gov. Jay Inslee takes his presidential campaign to CNN, seems like Inslee has a tough time remembering what happened with tax breaks for Boeing in 2013 as he tries to be as anti-Trump as possible.

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