CarlsonCast April12--6am hour

Tukwila Wetland Homeless PIXLR.jpg
Tukwila police{ } discover a transient/homeless camp in a protected wetland near the Green River. KVI's John Carlson asks a series of tough questions about what this means for the legitimacy of environmental activist groups like The Sierra Club and Fuse. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

6am hour -- Record breaking Mariners hit more homers and win in dramatic fashion, Tukwila (WA) police discover massive illegal/trespassing homeless camp violating a protected wetland, so why are all the vocal environmentalists in Seattle so silent about homeless camps violating wetlands and sensitive eco-systems?

GUEST:'s Randy Pepple per tax hike bills and other big issues in final stretch of WA Legislative session, KVI's Lars Larson has some things to say about the Tukwila homeless camp discovered on the protected wetland.

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