CarlsonCast April18--6am hour

Bellevue proposed homeless shelter.jpg
The Bellevue City Council voted 4-3 Monday night, April 17, 2017, to move forward with plans to build a permanent homeless shelter for men in Eastgate, near the Eastgate Transit Center. (Photo: Artist drawing provided by city of Bellevue)

6:05am -- GUEST: Retired US Army Lt. Col., author and Fox News strategic analyst, Ralph Peters (NorKs, Pence, patience and failed launches), daughters of Cleveland OH man shot and killed by fugitive suspect Steve Stephens say they forgive the murderer, with North Korea, Russia and Syria tensions in spotlight a KVI caller asks if interventionism is over-taking Trump's focus on the economy, Carlson testified at last night's Bellevue City Council vote to approve a permanent men's homeless shelter near Bellevue Community College.

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