CarlsonCast April18--7am hour

Sound Transit Light rail tunnel credit Wiki Commons).jpg
KVI interview guest St. Sen. Steve O'Ban (R-Lakewood) wants to uncouple the State Dept. of Licensing from collecting taxes on vehicles on behalf of Sound Transit for their light rail funding. (photo credit: WikiCommons).

7:05am -- GUEST: St. Sen. Steve O'Ban calls some of the State House bills regarding taxpayer accountability for Sound Transit "shell games", Seattle Democrats are doing their best to protect Sound Transit from changes in the State House that benefit taxpayers, the family of a Cleveland man randomly killed by the so-called "Facebook killer" says they forgive the fugitive murder suspect, a podcast hosted by a front line US border patrol agent gives the unfiltered story of what happens with enforcing illegal immigration, the accused Burlington Mall murder suspects kills himself in jail.

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