CarlsonCast April19--7am hour

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Former Seattle mayor, Mike McGinn, pictured here in 2011, has announced his candidacy to challenge current mayor Ed Murray in the November 2017 election. McGinn talks to KVI about the over-whelming tax burden on Seattle taxpayers and the major increases in spending under the current mayor. (photo credit: WikiCommons)

7am hour--KVI callers sound off about our lax DUI laws regarding arrest of Renton man for his 11th DUI in Seattle, more delicious details are coming forth from the new book "Shattered" about Hillary Clinton's failed presidential campaign, Portland OR man told on his death bed that Pres. Trump has been impeached so he can die happy, GUEST: running for Seattle mayor, Mike McGinn, talks to John Carlson about taxing the city's biggest employers in lieu of a city income tax and why Seattle politicians never talk about cutting spending to make the cost of living more affordable.

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