CarlsonCast April2--6am hour

Olympia sex ed curriculum bill opponents April 1 2019.jpg
Hundreds gather to protest a sex education curriculum bill, SB 5395, being considered in the Washington Legislature in Olympia on Monday April 1, 2019. (photo:{ } KOMO News courtesy of{ }Tim Mironyuk)

6am hour -- Seattle Mariners stun sports world again, Seattle City Attorney blames on-going drug addicted homeless on...wait for it...a lack of income tax, a top Congressional Democrat demanding full release of Mueller report was opposed to full release of Starr report about Pres. Clinton in 1998, Teen Vogue posts a Twitter video about how biological sex doesn't exist,

so much for science on the political left, GUEST: former St. Senator Mark Miloscia was part of big crowd rallying at Olympia Capitol building to oppose school sex education bill (SB 5395 sex education curriculum bill), also discussed an abortion access bill SB 5602.

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