CarlsonCast April2--7am hour

Ray Pieczynski, 61, was beaten with a baseball bat while waiting for a ride home on March 24, 2019 at a bus stop near Rainier Beach Avenue South. Seattle Police are searching for a suspect vehicle but are also looking for more information on the suspect. He's recovering from a traumatic brain injury at Harborview Medical Center, police said.

7am hour -- a 61 yr old developmentally disabled man in Seattle is randomly beaten with a baseball bat while waiting at a bus stop, the man's family and employer are decrying the attack as cowardly, AOC opposes name calling until its time to name call, new polling shows the frustration is growing over drug addicted and homeless campers trespassing, a vocal Trump critic says Democrats wasted political capital pushing collusion narrative and hoping for Mueller investigation to incriminate Trump, the media refusal (and insulation bubble) to believe Trump could win compounded the Democrats banking on the Russian collusion narrative, what could be a final word on a proposed capital gains tax (via the WA Legislature) being considered an income tax versus an 'excise' tax.

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