CarlsonCast April2--8am hour

A 35th criminal charge against this drug addicted homeless man in Seattle, Travis Berge, exemplifies a big part of the current heroin homeless crisis city politicians can't seem to resolve.{ } Berge has racked up all these repeat crimes after moving to Seattle four years ago from Nevada, according to KOMO News. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour -- GUEST: KOMO's Matt Markovich reports on a repeat (violent) criminal in Seattle who was just arrested again after being profiled in the "Seattle Is Dying special by KOMO for his criminal proclivities since he moved to town 4 years ago from Nevada, the inherent flaws of the 72-hour mental health hold policy in Seattle, virtue signaling liberals at Teen Vogue officially decide to throw science out the window in all political debates, the ideology of the non-experts in the Teen Vogue video is exemplary of what's currently going on in the WA Legislature with the debate on public school sex education curriculum, Joe Biden's 2020 chances if a woman accusing him of unwanted touching continues her complaint, AOC tries to rewrite history about the TEA party.

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