CarlsonCast April20--6am hour

Ichhiro HR in final Safeco AB AP photo imrs.jpg
Home run trot for former Seattle Mariner, Ichiro Suzuki, now playing for the Florida Marlins on April 19, 2017 at Safeco Field. The future MLB Hall of Famer hit a home run in what is likely to be his final AB at Safeco Field, during a 10-5 by the Mariners. (AP photo/Elaine Tompson).

6am hour -- former Mariner Ichiro Suzuki cracks a HR in what appears to be his final career at-bat at Safeco Field, the protests over economic calamity in Venezuela are reaching a fever pitch, lots of Twitter users are asking if the Erie, PA McDonald's worker who ID'd Facebook video killer Steve Stephens will get the $50,000 reward, Kirby and Carlson will be live in Puyallup tomorrow afternoon at the WA State Spring Fair at the Puyallup Fairgrounds!, 11th DUI arrest suspect faces the same prosecutor who put him in jail back in 2010, KVI's Lars Larson riffs on the revelations in the new book about Hillary Clinton's doomed campaign.

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