CarlsonCast April3--8am hour

seattle police_spd_patch_ KOMO 660.jpg
A Seattle Times report trying to negate the KOMO News special report "Seattle Is Dying" about repeat criminals and homelessness is up for discussion on this KVI hour with John Carlson. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour -- James Comey gets real about the current AG releasing what's relevant in the Mueller report, Seattle Times report on crime stats attempting to change perception about the KOMO report "Seattle Is Dying" prompts some follow-up questions, a KVI caller points out the inherent flaw in Balk's statistics which are already watered down due to prosecutorial decisions, we have a Keith Richards caption contest you can play, the DHS Secretary says human smugglers are using children in a turnstile fashion to create family units when they get intercepted at the border

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