CarlsonCast April4--8am hour

ST3 Steep Taxes sign.png
Washington Democrats including Gov. Jay Inslee think you're ready to double the state gas tax over the next 10 years to make a fractional reduction in carbon emissions. (photo: KVI Staff)

8am hour -- David Boze in for Carlson: HB 1110, the so-called low carbon fuel standard is still alive in the state legislature. GUEST: Dana Beiber with the Affordable Fuel Washington group is opposing HB 1110 which could amount to a 46-cents a gallon gas tax over ten years, HB 1110 is modeled after a CA law on lowering carbon emissions, the irony of HB 1110 is that a big gas tax hike is very regressive and WA Democrats are always complaining about how they don't like regressive taxes; a new and powerful opponent emerges for Seattle's planned supervised heroin injection site(s), how this new opposition connects to the KOMO special "Seattle Is Dying", two WA Democrats say farmers don't pay enough in taxes but neither one of the Democrats are from farming areas, Joe Biden's apology continues to divide the political world.

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