CarlsonCast Aug10--6am hour

North Korea Guam graphic PIXLR.jpg
North Korea has threatened a (nuclear) missile strike against the U.S. territory, Guam, pictured here, which is home to a pair of U.S. military bases, one of which includes B-1 nuclear bombers. (info graphic: AP).

6am hour -- GUEST: Fox News Strategic Analyst, author--Ralph Peters--talks about Trump's latest "fire and fury" comments regarding North Korea and a new report about a White House split on how to handle North Korea, Defense Sec. Jim Mattis is playing a different tune than Trump on North Korea, most tech workers are siding with computer engineer James Damore after he was fired by Google, the North Korea tensions prompted some punchlines on Twitter, GUEST: suing Seattle over its (newly passed) high-earner income tax, former WA AG, Rob McKenna; parents and their kids in Everett are spending their summer days cleaning up used heroin needles at a major park.

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