CarlsonCast Aug10--7am hour

homeless RV Seattle KOMO20.jpg
KVI's John Carlson updates an on-going story about homeless RV campers congregating near Fisherman's Terminal in Seattle's Interbay neighborhood. The business owner who e-mailed KVI with the update says things aren't getting worse but they're definitely not getting better with the belligerent and chronic homeless campers. (photo: KOMO).{ }

7am hour -- should a teenager be charged with purposefully shoving another teen-ager off a 30-foot bridge into a Western WA river (causing hospitalization of the teen)?homeless RVs update in Seattle follow-up from Magnolia/Interbay, threats to building/business owner from homeless RV vagrants, city took 2+ weeks to respond to complaints, the business owner formulates a plan to back sane city council candidates,

after a tweet promising payment to kill any ICE officer a Boston-area man is arrested in NYC, the arrest over the ICE killing bounty tweeter goes hand-in-hand with the attempted killer who shot people at Congressional baseball practice in VA 2 yrs ago, KOMO News report digs into why one homeless man continues to decline city services for shelter and his preference to keep living on the street.

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