CarlsonCast Aug27--7am hour

teacher pay mukilteo_teachers summer 2018 KOMO_02.jpg
These signs sum up the current battle over teacher salaries in Washington. Several school districts from Federal Way and Kent to Stanwood are dealing with teacher union demands for teacher pay increases or the teachers have authorized a strike. KVI's David Boze interviews one of the key State Senators{ } John Braun (R-Centralia),{ } who dealt with allocating more money for school funding in the wake of the State Supreme Court McCleary ruling. (photo: KOMO)

7am hour -- David Boze in for John Carlson: what's this about a caffeine injection?, GUEST: Republican candidate for State Rep. in Seattle, Claire Torstenbo. vs the Democratic Speaker of the House, some high profile left-wingers are turning the Jacksonville video game tourney mass shooting into a political attack (er, wedge), GUEST: St. Sen. John Braun talks about the potential for several teacher strikes in WA because of their union salary demands, Braun says there's no reason school shouldn't start on time and that teachers should not be threatening strikes with more McCleary money being allocated to districts, RIP to playwright Neil Simon.

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