CarlsonCast Aug28--8am hour

Seattle homeless sweeps notice sign KOMO d.jpg
Most people say Seattle isn't doing enough to sweep out trespassing homeless people but KVI's John Carlson interviews a homeless advocate, Sara Rankin, who disagrees with Seattle officials sweeping out the homeless. (photo: KOMO News){ }

8:05am -- GUEST: Seattle U. Law School prof., founder and Director of the Homeless Rights Advocacy Project, Sara Rankin, joins the show to explain why she opposes the city of Seattle sweeping out illegal homeless camps instead of just providing wholesale places for homeless people to go stay and live,

KVI caller really disagrees with this hour's guest about how Seattle/King Co. calculate a 'homeless' person, more KVI callers sound off about how far public officials (Seattle, King County, et al) should go to get homeless people off the street/illegally trespassing.

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