CarlsonCast Aug.31--7am hour

cynthia whitlatch SPD cam video golf club guy _big.jpg
The Seattle Police Department has reached a settlement with a former officer, Cynthia Whitlatch seen here in 2014 on a dash cam video, who was fired for her role in a controversial arrest of a man with a golf club in July 2014. (photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- a fired SPD officer avoids losing her pension with new deal from police administration, Carlson analyzes the puzzling settlement deal and why he feels the officer was in the wrong, after totally whiffing on health care reform a columnist is underscoring the lack of confidence in Congress as Trump pushes forward on tax reform, a delicious plot twist to the Baltimore removal of Confederate military statues, two KVI callers give deeply diverging views on the fired SPD officer getting her pension back.

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