CarlsonCast Aug9--8am hour

Red Onion Burgers KVI staff 3152_n.jpg
KVI's Kirby Wilbur (r) greets diners at Red Onion Burgers in Mountlake Terrace, WA who are eating there to contribute to a memorial fund for the family and widow of fallen Kent Police officer, Diego Moreno. Red Onion Burgers owner, Seaun Richards, tells KVI that more than $10,000 was raised on Wed. August. 8th for widow, Shelly Moreno. (photo: KVI Staff){ }

8:05am -- Pearl Jam's concert fundraiser and the problem with simply throwing more money at Seattle's homeless problems, a Tacoma man killed in action in Pearl Harbor is officially laid to rest, judge slaps fine on two lawyers caught filing baseless accusation against SPD officer(s), Will M's pitcher Felix Hernandez help or hurt the M's clinching a (wild-card) playoff spot?? GUEST: Seattle Time's sports columnist, Matt Calkins talks about the options for the M's and Felix, GUEST: owner of Red Onion Burgers (in Mtlk Terrace), Seaun Richards says over $10,000 was donated yesterday by customers and KVI fans to the fund for Kent PD officer Diego Moreno's family.

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