CarlsonCast Dec18--7am hour

Bethel School Distrcit 2018 bond vote outcome school's twitter feed 1KcFgCg.png
KVI's John Carlson interviews the Bethel School District Superintendent, Dr. Tom Seigel, about the difficulties the district has had in trying to pass a $443 million school construction/renovation bond. This graphic shows the failed vote (requires 60% majority) from November 2018's general election. The district has now approved another identical ballot measure for voters to decide in the February 2019 special election. (graphic: BSD Twitter screen grab)

7am hour -- GUEST: Bethel School District Superintendent, Tom Seigel, pitches his support for a $443 million school bond construction plan that goes up for another vote in February 2019, Bethel District voters keep voting down the bond measure which requires a 60% majority to pass, looking at taxpayer accountability for the Bethel District, Crystal Mtn. just reported 1 foot of new snow overnight , a 2020 Democratic presidential wanna-be says federal government should produce generic prescription drugs to, ya know, promote competition; 3 yr old sings national anthem at college bball game and its totally adorbes,

GUEST: Conservative Tours Ken Chase talks about the WWII history and experience coming up on this new listener trip to France, a KVI caller points out some of the obstacles to Bethel School District's pursuit of a new $443 million bond for school construction .

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