CarlsonCast Dec18--8am hour

motorcycle flash mob KOMO.jpg
Bainbridge Island State Senator, Christine Rolfes, talks to KVI about her bill which would allow motorcycle riders to ride without a helmet if they meet two legal criteria. The Democratic Senator's bill would reverse the state's long-standing requirement that motorcycle riders wear helmets at all times. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

8am hour -- GUEST: St. Sen. Christine Rolfes sponsors bill to repeal motorcycle helmet law, why she's listening to motorcycle riders who have been urging her to reform the state law, the two requirements you'd need in order to ride that chopper with no head gear, KVI listeners sound off on the possible reversal of the helmet law, a Chehalis WA retirement living complex is telling residents that they can't display or say Merry Christmas because its proselytizing, , Seattle's "sanctuary city" status just cost the city $12 million in grants, Seattle's homeless rate is still growing despite all the city and county money to end homelessness.

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