CarlsonCast Dec4--7am hour

Joe Fain Facebook senate floor desk his FB page 3520_o.jpg
KVI's John Carlson discusses the sexual assault allegation dating back to 2007 against out-going State Senator Joe Fain, (pictured here) brought by an accuser claiming she was raped by him 12 years ago, when they were both in Washington D.C.,yet she has repeatedly expressed no interest in filing a police report to substantiate her claim. (photo: Facebook screen grab){ }

7am hour -- WA State Senate trying to over-step their bounds in alleged sexual assault accusation, putting the Trump and tariff talk into perspective, famed scientist and TV personality faces new sexual misconduct claims, Illinois boy tries to defy human physiology involving a frozen metal pole, GUEST: St. Sen. Ann Rivers, Republican Senators requesting Democrats drop an investigation over a dubious social media allegation against a former (outgoing) Covington Senator, (hotline) why police not the State Senate should investigate this sexual assault claim (which the accuser didn't want to file a police report), compare the media conduct in 1992 during the Brock Adams scandal to how this current accusation is being reported,

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