CarlsonCast Dec4--8am hour

General James Mattis -- Trump meeting (credit AP).jpg
Defense Secretary James Mattis suggested its time to end the war in Afghanistan after 40 years of conflict and other nations need to step forward to urge the peace process. Mattis pictured here in 2016 with then President-elect Trump, resides in Richland, Washington and graduated from Central Washington University in Ellensburg. (Carolyn Kaster AP)

8am hour -- Defense Sec. James Mattis shows some frustration and suggests an end to the war in Afghanistan, VP Pence shares story of letter his naval aviator son received from GHW Bush after aircraft carrier landing, killjoy leftwingers have now found some reason to decry a classic children's TV Christmas special, I-940 coalition asks Legislature to modify the recently passed statewide police de-escalation training law,

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