CarlsonCast Dec.5--6am hour

Ventura Co. wildfire AP80.jpg
In this photo provided by the Ventura County Fire Department, firefighters work to put out a blaze burning homes early Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017, in Ventura, Calif. Authorities said the blaze broke out Monday and grew wildly in the hours that followed, consuming vegetation that hasn't burned in decades. (Ryan Cullom/Ventura County Fire Department via AP)

6am hour: Everett bikini baristas win an injunction against the city's dress code crackdown, the WA A.G. is no where to be found when the US Supreme Court allows Trump's travel ban to go into effect as the legal case proceeds in court, legal scholar Alan Dershowitz counters a Democrat US Senator claiming an obstruction of justice case against Trump, John Carlson turns up on TV news for the latest 3 Strikes offender case in Kent, GUEST: ABC reporter Alex Stone says 60+ mph winds are fueling a big new (and uncontained) wildfire north of LA, public schools in Woodland WA along Columbia River are requiring teachers to learn Spanish instead of the students learning English.

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