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Outgoing King County Sheriff, John Urquhart, will not be charged by the Snohomish County prosecutor after an independent investigation was conducted based on an accusation that emerged at the end of the 2017 election which was held on Nov. 7th. Urquhart lost the election to Mitzi Johanknecht.{ } (file photo: KOMO News)

7am hour -- KVI caller who is native Spanish speaker talks about the Woodland WA public school decision to have teachers learn Spanish (instead of students learning English), GUEST: ABC's Tom Rivers explains the possibility that the US will make international waves by moving its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which would ostensibly upset Palestinian supporters, a TV actor is accused by four women of rape and Netflix has just fired this actor from a current show, outgoing King Co. Sheriff will not be charged by the Snohomish Co. Prosecutor over allegations of misconduct with a deputy in a Renton restaurant parking lot, bikini baristas in Everett win an injunction on the city's dress code restrictions.

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