CarlsonCast Dec6--7am hour

Climate change protest spray paint stencil.jpg
A climate change protest slogan is stenciled on a wall in this undated photo. (photo: WikiCommons)

7am hour -- one hour from now the KVI interview with the Sumner man at the center of finding $17,000 cash at a food bank, an excerpt of KVI's interview with Kevin Booth from Sumner, a brilliant thesis about whether or not computers are male or female,

a 2020 potential presidential candidate now dealing with a staffer caught up in #MeToo sexual harassment, Seahawk Tyler Locket surprises Auburn Riverside HS student with CA trip after her efforts to help sick kids at Children's Hospital, new report say global CO2 emissions at all time high...GUEST: Cato Insititute, former college professor, Pat (Patrick) Michaels evaluates the new CO2 report.

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