CarlsonCast Dec6--8am hour

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A homeless man and{ } a bag full of money turned into a fateful decision in Sumner, WA. KVI's John Carlson interviews 32-year-old Kevin Booth, pictured here, about what he did and why his story has gone national.{ } (photo: KOMO News)

8am hour -- the KVI interview with Sumner man who found $17,000 in a bag outside the Sumner Food Bank, GUEST: Kevin Booth is disabled and homeless, what can be done to help Kevin get some permanent employment and housing after his good deed?, GUEST: author of new book "Reagan: An American Journey", Bob Spitz talks about his research into the life and times of Pres. Ronald Reagan, why Reagan is like The Beatles, why Reagan's political idol was FDR even though he became an avowed conservative.

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