CarlsonCast Feb1--6am hour

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Owner of Edmonds Bakery, Ken Bellingham,{ } in Edmonds, WA tells KVI's John Carlson he's over-whelmed by so many customers who have come forward to his shop after a woman complained about a cookie he baked with the phrase "Build The Wall" on it. (photo: with permission of Ken Bellingham).{ }

6am hour -- some first plans to use the new downtown Seattle tunnel on Monday, Howard Schultz's admits a 3rd party Presidential run will be difficult, the anticipated protests against Schultz fizzled, Trump tweets about ISIS in Syria, a vocal progressive columnist is the perfect example of why Schultz won't run as a Democrat (see tweet below),

owner of Edmonds Bakery talks to KVI about his roller-coaster week after a border wall message on a cookie in his shop offended a customer but pro-border security customers flooded his store to show him support, the owner got even more assertive about his free speech rights in this TV news clip yesterday.

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