CarlsonCast Feb1--7am hour

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WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. businesses added a solid 213,000 jobs in January, a private survey found, signaling that the partial government shutdown and trade war concerns that have roiled financial markets aren't discouraging companies from hiring more people. KVI's John Carlson interviews economist and former Trump campaign adviser, Steve Moore, about the new data and the impact on the US economy. (AP file photo).{ }

7am hour -- immigration autor/expert and 5th generation Californian farmer Victor Davis Hanson shares his valuable perspective on the debate over a border wall and how Trump can better convey the message about border security, Jay Inslee tries to troll Howard Schultz about the Sonics,

Portland OR 7-Eleven store deploys high-pitched noise to prevent homeless people from congregating, GUEST: economist and former Trump adviser, Steve Moore , talks about this morning's spectacular new jobs report, 2018 federal tax revenue collections are the highest in US history, Sharyl Attkisson new report on tunnels compromising US/Mexico border security.

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