CarlsonCast Feb1--8am hour

An annoying, high-pitched sound playing through a speaker just above the front door to the 7-Eleven at Southwest 4th and Taylor Street in Portland, OR was shut off after city officials say it violated city noise limits. KVI's John Carlson plays a clip of what the annoying, high-pitch sound people are hearing and some radio fun ensues. The high pitch sound was used to keep homeless people from congregating near the store's door because of complaints from customers about the homeless people's behavior.{ } (photo: KATU News).{ }

8am hour -- Olympia Legislators debate a ban on allowing dwarf tossing, CA restaurant owner tries to forbid MAGA (hat) wearing customers from coming in to his restaurant which brings up a hypocritical connection to demanding baker's bake gay wedding cakes (et al), which annoying high pitched sound is more annoying? Portland OR city officials crack down on a convenience store for their attempt to discourage homeless people from congregating near the store and bothering customers, judge orders longer sentence than prosecutors requested in fatal DUI crash caused by man on I-5 north of Marysville WA, Seattle judge refuses to allow no-jail plea agreement for homeless man with 72 prior convictions after latest case involving unprovoked attack.

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