CarlsonCast Feb.12--7am hour

UW Red Square police barricade line Patriot Prayer Q13.jpg
Seattle Police line a security barricade to prevent anti-Trump protesters from interrupting an on-campus rally at University of Washington on Saturday February 10, 2018, by the College Republicans student group featuring the organizer of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, who resides in Vancouver, WA. KVI's John Carlson interviews the UW College Republican president, Chevy Swanson, about the confrontations sparked by the anti-Trump zealots.{ } (photo credit: Q13 News)

7am hour -- GUEST: president of UW College Republicans Chevy Swanson, talks about the antagonistic protesters (anti-FA) who tried to interrupt his group's on-campus rally two days ago, 5 arrests on the UW campus, the anti-Trump crowd tried to call Patriot Prayer "the Apostles of Hate", comedy legend Bill Murray opens up about the politically-correctness doing more to divide America than unite America, Norwegian cross country skier wins gold after a set-back the perfectly embodies the Olympic spirit.

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