CarlsonCast Feb12--8am hour

Inslee DC governors meeting AP70.jpg
Gov. Inslee finds himself at the heart of a controversy involving a coal transport terminal on the Columbia River near Longview, WA.{ } (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

8am hour -- GUEST: publisher, author and former Republican US presidential candidate, Steve Forbes, analyzes last night's announced Congressional deal on border security to avoid another gov't shutdown, why Trump should consider accepting this deal, why a trade deal next month (or two) with China will benefit Trump presidency even more, what to do with the deficit and the national debt,

GUEST: the energy editor at, Michael Bastach reports that Gov. Jay Inslee's spokesman admits to shutting down coal transport terminal in SW Washington, Inslee's inside shutdown of this transport terminal is a loss of lots of union jobs who had previously supported Inslee.

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