CarlsonCast Feb.13--6am hour

Dirtbag license plate credit Bellevue PDplate.jpg
A felony assault suspect's license plate perfectly foreshadows his arrest at a Bellevue WA car wash. KVI's John Carlson examines the story. (photo: Bellevue Police Dept.)

6am hour -- what's up with Iran? GUEST: Fox News strategic analyst and Middle East analyst, Ralph Peters; also the fawning over North Korea's Winter Olympics emissary is really revolting, US snowboarders are delivering stellar performances as a third competitor is in contention for another gold, GUEST: ABC's Alex Stone at the Winter Olympics; scary crash for female American luge racer, to be a gold medal winning snowboarder it helps to be 17 yrs old , the "DIRTBAG" vanity license plate story from Bellevue makes total sense, unfortunately.

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