CarlsonCast Feb.13--7am hour

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KVI's John Carlson assess the legal battle Sound Transit is bringing against forty West Bellevue homeowners who refuse to accept a $300 payment as compensation for  noise mitigation and impact on their quality of life during the 7 year construction of the new light rail line which will eventually reach Redmond, WA. (photo: KVI staff) 

7am hour -- thanks to KVI listeners and Red Onion Burgers customers/crew for raising an extra $13,500 for widow and sons of slain PCSO deputy Daniel McCartney, Sound Transit is now suing 40 Bellevue homeowners who are refusing to accept a $300 payment for the construction trouble the light rail line is causing them, a US women's hockey player just set a new Olympic scoring record vs. "Athletes from Russia", GUEST: immigration lobbyist and researcher, Andrew "Art" Arthur, helps explain the new round of immigration reform debate starting in the US Senate to possibly reach some resolutions on DACA/Dreamers and border wall security (but again, its the U.S. Senate, so try not to get your hopes up).

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