CarlsonCast Feb26--7am hour

Clashes between activists trying to deliver U.S-backed humanitarian aid into Venezuela and troops loyal to Nicolas Maduro. Two people were killed in a clash on the Brazilian border and some 300 injured in other violent clashes near Colombia as U.S. officials including Vice-President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are working to remove Maduro and stabilize the country to provide relief resources. (AP Foto/Ivan Valencia)

7am hour -- the failures of Venezuela and the refusal of disgraced Nicolas Maduro to relinquish power to the newly elected Assembly leader, a hat-tip to a Univision reporter (and Trump opponent) who is putting pressure on Maduro to surrender, the sister of a Green River murder victim is now a Spokane State Representative and she's doing all she can to prevent a repeal of the state's death penalty law, GUEST: Seahawks QB legend (and ex-NFL head coach) Jim Zorn will be new head coach and GM of Seattle's XFL team. GUEST: BloodworksNW CEO and Jim AuBuchon joins the show to urge blood donations after the recent snowy weather slowed donations (which are always on the low side anyway).

Editorial note: if you are capable and medically cleared to do so, please consider donating blood. Not all of us have disposable income to make large contributions to charity, but most of us are capable of giving blood which is invaluable to people in medical need from surgery, trauma or infirmed by other medical problems. Thanks for your consideration.

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