CarlsonCast Feb27--7am hour

House Democrats have approved a resolution{ } to block the national emergency declaration that President Donald Trump issued last week to fund his campaign-promised wall along the U.S-Mexico border, setting up a fight that could result in Trump's first-ever veto. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

7am hour -- GUEST: U.S. Congressman Adam Smith (D-Bellevue) talks about the U.S. House vote opposing Trump's border security national emergency and debates border security, also some early reactions to the North Korea Summit, the opening remarks from the ranking Republican in this morning's Michael Cohen testimony, GUEST: WPC's education policy analyst, Liv Finne, explains why property taxes are about to jump again because of school levies, how the State Supreme Court's McCleary ruling is now impacting school levies; a school district employee calls KVI to say it all comes back to salary schedules.

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