CarlsonCast Feb28--6am hour


A serial arson suspect in Seattle was arrested after a DNA match at crime scenes led police to a 38-year-old man already in jail for separate crimes in the Whatcom County Jail in Bellingham, WA. This fire picture here was at the Gascoin Lumber yard near the Ballard Bridge on{ } November 13th 2018

6am hour -- Seattle serial arsonist arrested, North Korea Summit ends abruptly, Sec. of State Pompeo explains why Pres. Trump walked away from summit, why Michael Cohen will not be a pivotal figure to damage or bring down Pres. Trump, total strangers answer the birthday wish of a 100 year old WWII veteran,

new poll shows Democrats' preferred 2020 Presidential candidate isn't even an officially announced candidate, and that brings us to Gov. Jay Inslee's 2020 plans, CNN panel points out the major credibility gap Michael Cohen exposed himself to in Congressional testimony.

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