CarlsonCast Feb28--7am hour

A Democratic State Senator from Tacoma, Jeannie Darnielle, is sponsoring SB 5819 which would allow parole after 15 years for repeat violent felons imprisoned for life under the voter-approved law "Three Strikes, You're Out". KVI's John Carlson notes that Darnielle has quietly avoided publicity on her bill which most Washington voters would probably oppose. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- a newly confirmed Federal judge is from Seattle, another example of how sneaky Washington (Democratic) Legislators can be in Olympia Capitol, it involves the voter approved law "Three Strikes, You're Out" for repeat felons, City of Olympia announces plan to sweep unsanctioned homeless camp due to on-going health and safety concerns, KOMO News explores what's happening with two mobile heroin injection sites in central British Columbia, how those B.C. mobile heroin sites might impact a pilot plan for the Seattle area.

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