CarlsonCast Feb4--7am hour

snow 2019 feb 4 Seth Wayn snow totals KOMO DylGESOUUAEvjAb.jpg
Not sure where Malty is on the map, but KOMO's Seth Wayne tracks all the snow fall and KVI's John Carlson talks about it. (photo: KOMO News).{ }

7am hour -- all the snow fall has us wondering about really dangerous sledding spots, which leads us into some of the good and bad SuperBowl ads yesterday, forget driving on the steep hills around Puget Sound with all the snow this morning,

now Virginia's Lt. Gov. is facing a political/criminal controversy just days after VA's governor and the 1984 med school yearbook controversy, some college academic is trying to take down the 1965 Disney classic "Mary Poppins" on racial bias grounds, KVI listeners made a special request to the owner of The Edmonds Bakery after last week's "Build That Wall" cookie controversy.

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